Hi! I'm Alban
I focus on creating user-centric experiences
and meaningful identities.

Crafting bespoke digital experiences since 2004

I believe in all functional and beautiful things. Above all, I enjoy creating and helping products that have a remarkable and positive impact on peoples' lives. Whether it's a brand new website, or a redesign, a bespoke application or redefining digital for a small business I always strive to deliver modern and innovative solutions.

My Skills

UI/Visual Design

UI and Visual Design have always been my first focus since I started working as a Designer. Nothing excites me more than creating a stunning website or spending my time polishing and refining my craft to produce pixel perfect works. I also enjoy the challenge of turning a complex brief or a content heavy site into something beautiful and functional. “Simple Design is hard” and takes a lot thinking and experience!

UX Design

Web Design has evolved through the years and with the rise of UX I‘ve upskilled and mastered User centric rules and best practices. Recently, I have passed an e-commerce specific certification with Baymard Institute that empowers me with all the skills and knowledge to create "state of the art" e-com solutions. I also have a lot of experience wireframing and prototyping which I see as the foundation for all my visual and functional ideas.


For about 5 years I was both designing and coding all the websites I worked on. This gives me a very good knowledge of web development and helps me design solutions that will always run smoothly. Loading speed, browser compatibility, animation, SEO... are some of the things I always look at when designing for Web. I also thoroughly enjoy working along side developers to discuss and implement new tech and coding trends, design realistic solutions and ensure an easy build.


When I think Visual Design I often think Branding first. I just love the creative freedom and the endless possibilities I have when giving a business a new face. A logo is the foundation of a brand identity but when I can pair it with a website, It doesn't get any better! I’ve also learnt how to apply an existing branding correctly and consistently in order to produce unique websites that portay the real personality of a Business.


DSLR photography and especially landscape photography has always been a passion of mine. It's a great way to connect with nature and share my travels with others too. Let's not forget the strong connection between photograhy and Visual Design: image composition, rule of thirds, symmetry and patterns, cropping, use of lines/shapes... all are used in both disciplines.


Some brands I've worked for